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Freight Logistics Optimization Works


The Biden administration announced on March 15th a major initiative in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Transportation to revamp the supply chain at the digital foundation layer. The program being pushed is called FLOW. Freight Logistics Optimization Works. You can read the White House Press Sheet by clicking here. FLOW aims to streamline certain […]

Semi Tires – Wear Patterns & FMCSA Regulation Guidance

Semi tires

This article aims to cover the essentials that everyone involved in the transportation of highway freight should know. We will cover Manufacturers, Terms, Regulations, Tire Ratings, Inspections, Tire Positions, and Wear Patterns.

Navigating FMCSA Regulations with DOTReady

Do You Have Questions About FMCSA? Disclaimer: Most of this information comes directly from the FMCSA’s website. If you’re looking for free resources that provide questions you have about FMCSA, this is the list for you! I came across the FMCSA Safety Planner last week and I thought it would be perfect to share with […]

Reminder! Conduct Your Query Requirements

Reminder! Conduct Your Query Requirements Per § 382.701, employers of CDL drivers must conduct a query in the FMCSA D&A Clearinghouse at least once per year for each CDL driver they employ. Employers may designate a consortium/third-party administrator (C/TPA) to conduct queries on their behalf. The annual query requirement is tracked on a rolling 12-month basis. […]