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Fleet Management Software

DOTReady powers administrative processes and simplifies compliance across your entire operation.

Simple Central Dashboard.

This intuitive interface allows you to manage everything from one place, combining fleet data for easy monitoring. The centralized dashboard streamlines your operations, providing a user-friendly platform for efficient oversight and decision-making.

Fleet management software dashboard

Driver Management

Streamline driver management with DOTReady’s comprehensive solution. Digitally
create and manage driver qualification files, credentials, training records, violations,
and performance data—all in one centralized location. The platform even allows you to
upload paper files, ensuring a seamless transition to a digital management system.
Proactively monitor license expirations, medical certifications, and more. Manage both
regulated and non-regulated employees effortlessly within one convenient DOT
Compliance Software package.


Asset Management

Efficiently manage your entire fleet on DOTReady’s platform. Track trucks, trailers,
parts, and maintenance seamlessly. The platform enables you to monitor work orders,
inspections, hazmat documentations, registrations, insurance, permits, and associate
records with each asset. Even managing non-regulated assets becomes easy with
DOTReady’s unified approach to asset management.

Multi Location Management

Handle data and assets across multiple locations effortlessly with DOTReady’s Multi-Location Management feature. Easily filter data and manage assets based on location.
Toggle between locations without the need for constant sign-in and sign-out,
streamlining your operations and providing a consolidated view of your fleet’s
performance with DOT Compliance Software.

DOT Compliance Software

Custom Reporting

Empower your decision-making with DOTReady’s Custom Reporting capabilities. Build
tailored reports and leverage dashboards to extract key data and insights across your
entire fleet operation. This feature allows you to customize reports based on your
specific needs, providing valuable analytics to optimize your fleet management

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