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How to Keep Driver Files Compliant

Driver Qualification File Checklist: What is a DQ File? Every driver that operates a commercial motor vehicle must have a complete qualification file on record with their company of employment. It is the responsibility of the

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Driver Trends and Hiring Tips

According to payroll data issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of trucking jobs decreased by 11,400 in September. Making it only the 3rd month since the pandemic that there were negative job posts.

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Data Integration: The Key to Trucking Company Success

The possibilities of today’s modern data processing technology is nearly endless—until it isn’t. Currently, technology is being used to track vehicle health, driver behaviors, collisions, routing, dwell time, fuel costs, temperature sensors, asset locations, and so

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Tips for Driver Hiring and Management

The need for drivers is rising, and a lot of fleets in many industries are trying to fill open positions to meet the demand. Your company must be able to quickly and thoroughly attract, recruit, interview, evaluate,

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