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DOT Compliance Made Easy.

Peace of Mind with Every Mile.

Avoid Violations and Fines

We keep your fleet compliant through driver qualification, ELD assistance, vehicle inspections, and more. 

Our goal is to prevent violations and keep you operating legally.

Maintain DOT Compliance

Our services help ensure your fleet follows DOT regulations.
Let us handle compliance tasks so you can focus on your
core operations.

Simplify Driver Hiring

Leave the driver qualification process to us, saving you time and effort.

            Have Any Questions?

Get Consulting
For Complicated Tasks

Stop wasting time and money struggling with compliance.
Our consultants manage inspections, driver logs, DVIRs,
and other tasks to take it off your plate.

What Makes DOTReady Different

We provide the best-in-class fleet-compliance software integrated with consulting targeted to the two pillars of trucking – compliance and operations. 

Our robust software streamlines compliance management while our experienced consultants deliver focused assistance 

to your fleet’s needs.






"The DOTReady team is amazing! If you have any questions about DOTCompliance or you need someone to come in and clean up your company before the DOT gets there these are the people you need to talk to!"
Zach M.
Fleet owner
"DOTReady is an amazing software with amazing people behind it. I can keep track of company-wide compliance with just a few clicks and can sleep better at night"
Aaron E.
Safety Manager
"DOTReady does not disappoint. The team was extremely friendly, and approachable, but most importantly, knowledgeable on all aspects of the DOT. Anyone looking for training should contact them!"
Devon S.
Director of Safety & Compliance
"We needed help to prepare for an upcoming compliance review when we called on DOTReady. Their services not only allowed us to reorganize and streamline but enabled us to pass our audit with flying colors."
Brenda E.
Compliance Coordinator
"When our company ran into issues hiring drivers, DOTReady offered their services to us. It turns out we were paying way too much for in-house talent!"
Ron B.
Company Owner
"For the longest time, we managed all our processes on paper which was messy and tedious. DOTReady eliminated a ton of work and costs less than our old system!"
Richard S.
Director of Safety & Compliance
"Forecasting future trends has allowed us to make better decisions and avoid unnecessary spending. DOTReady is a huge asset for our company. Having a team of experts we can call on to clarify questions or concerns makes my job a lot easier!!"
Jeff S.
Company Owner
"DOTReady software brought us from a fully worked administrative office to only needing one person to manage our files and safety initiatives. Highly recommend."
Gina R.
Director of Fleet Operations