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Inspection Blitz Schedule for 2023

FMCSA Strategic Goals

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Every year, the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) activates initiatives throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico aimed at improving highway safety by cracking down on safety violations in the commercial transportation industry.

A “blitz” is defined as a fast, violent attack, usually with bombs dropped from aircraft, or any sudden intensive attack or concerted effort. Additionally, a blitz can refer to a fast intensive nonmilitary campaign or attack, such as an advertising blitz. The term “inspection blitz” is used to describe a targeted enforcement program in which commercial motor vehicles are inspected at an extraordinarily high frequency.

Roadcheck Inspection Initiatives for 2023:

Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative:
January 9 — 13, 2023 in the U.S.
February 20 — 24, 2023 in Canada

International Roadcheck:
May 16 — 18, 2023.

The International Roadcheck is a 72-hour high-visibility, high-volume commercial motor vehicle inspection and enforcement initiative, which is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world.

Operation Safe Driver Week:
July 9 — 15, 2023

During Operation Safe Driver Week law enforcement personnel will be on the lookout for professional drivers engaging in risky driving.

Brake Safety Week:
August 20 — 26, 2023

During Brake Safety Week, inspectors conduct brake system inspections on commercial vehicles throughout North America to identify brake-system violations.

Unannounced one-day brake safety enforcement initiative:
Dates: Unannounced

This event can be held at any time throughout the year. In 2022, the event was held on April 27th.

Roadcheck 2022 Statistics
  • Roughly 94% of the drivers subjected to International Roadcheck inspections in 2022 were free from out-of-service violations.
  • 3,714 drivers were placed out of service during the inspection blitz or 6.2% of the total.
  • 12,456 commercial motor vehicles were placed out of service, but 77.2% of the total inspected vehicles passed inspections.
2022 Vehicle Statistics
  • Brake systems – 3,992 violations, 24% of out-of-service violations.
  • Tires – 3,227 violations, 19.4% of out-of-service violations.
  • Defective service brakes – 2,142 violations, 12.9% of out-of-service violations.
  • Lights – 2,084 violations, 12.5% of out-of-service violations.
  • Cargo securement – 1,647 violations, 9.9% of out-of-service violations.
2022 Driver Statistics
  • False logs – 1,921 violations, 42.6% of out-of-service violations.
  • Wrong class license – 1,066 violations, 23.6% of out-of-service violations.
  • Hours of service – 367 violations, 8.1% of out-of-service violations.
  • Suspended license – 260 violations, 5.8% of out-of-service violations.
  • No medical card – 222 violations, 4.9% of out-of-service violations.
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