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Tips for Keeping Driver Qualification Files in Order

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Driver Qualification Files Checklist: About Driver Qualification Files Every driver that operates a commercial motor vehicle must have a complete qualification file on record with their company of employment. It is the responsibility of the company to create and update the file which typically includes more than a dozen individual documents. Where to store Driver […]

Tips for Driver Hiring and Management

Driver management

As the need for drivers continues to rise, companies across industries are scrambling to fill open positions in their fleets. To stay competitive in today’s job market, it’s crucial that your company has a solid strategy in place for quickly and efficiently recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the best candidates. This guide provides practical recommendations for […]

DOTReady Brings Peace of Mind to Fleet Supervisors

FMCSA Audit Consultants

Compliance reviews, roadside inspections, and safety audits can be a lot to manage. To keep up with all of the requirements, companies should have systems and processes in place that get as close as possible to full automation. Your company can count on DOT-Ready to take care of the most tedious tasks that drain valuable […]

CDL Driver Hiring In The United States

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When it comes to hiring commercial motor vehicle drivers, many companies are feeling the pinch. The truck driver shortage is a real issue in the United States, making it difficult for companies to find and process qualified drivers. When companies are filling driving positions, they should consider doing some research for the best resources that […]