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Do You Have Questions About FMCSA?

Disclaimer: Most of this information comes directly from the FMCSA’s website.

If you’re looking for free resources that provide questions you have about FMCSA, this is the list for you! I came across the FMCSA Safety Planner last week and I thought it would be perfect to share with people like you who are looking for quick answers. This resource is perfect for anyone who may just be starting out, but if you have questions beyond what the FMCSA provides, please feel free to contact me!

One thing I wish they would have done was to add video training with each section. But because they didn’t do that, we have. Yes, the Safety Planner is free and it does have a ton of resources. Our online training isn’t free, but we break everything down in clear terms, give you “Best Practice” topics and resources and for most of our online courses, we include all of the necessary forms, documents and checklists you will need. They all include Video Training and ability to print out the slides that are covered. Check out our collection of Online DOT Compliance Courses!


If you’re looking for an introduction, Chapter 1 is a great place to start! This chapter covers:

Registration Requirements

Chapter 2 outlines procedures motor carriers must use to register and update information biennially as well as obtain operating authority registration.

This chapter covers the following topics:

How FMCSA Monitors Motor Carrier Safety

I wish I would have had something like this when I first started out. Chapter 3 covers the things you need to know about safety and why the FMCSA must follow these procedures.

Covered topics include:

Operational Requirements

Chapter 4 covers safety requirements that pertain to the carrier’s operation as a whole and includes definitions, as well as information about financial responsibility (insurance) requirements and reporting, crashes, and records retention. Topics include:

Vehicle Requirements

Chapter 5 covers vehicle safety requirements, including components, maintenance, and inspections. Here are the links:

Driver Requirements

Chapter 6 covers regulations and tips to help drivers operate safely and in compliance. Driver violations found during inspections affect the motor carrier’s safety record.

Topic links:

Passenger Transportation

Yet another resource I wish I had when starting out: Chapter 7 explains passenger carrier operational requirements and outlines available resources. Topics covered:

Hazardous Materials Transformation

In addition to regulations that apply to passenger and freight motor carriers, there are distinct regulations for transporting hazardous materials. Chapter 8 covers hazmat regulations, topics include:

If You Are Looking For More…

If you have any additional questions, book some time with me! I would love to answer your FMCSA questions, or tell you about the services that we offer to make the beginning easier for you.