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DOT Compliance Training from DOTReady

DOT Compliance Consultants

Our goal is to help motor carriers around the country gain access to effective safety management training systems that equip them with the knowledge needed to meet DOT regulations. With our training, you can reduce DOT infractions and accidents, reduce operational costs, and avoid unnecessary obstacles. Together, we work to make public roads safer and […]

Trucking Companies and the Recession

Before we know if trucking companies can survive a freight recession, let’s break down the different types of freight carriers that commonly operate in the US. Trucking companies, also known as ‘motor carriers’ are responsible for transporting large amounts of goods over land from one place to another. As the name suggests, trucks (aka power […]

FMCSA Activities & Acronyms

FMCSA Activities

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a government agency that is responsible for promoting safety in the trucking industry. It does this by setting safety standards and regulations for commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, and by enforcing those regulations through inspections, investigations, and other enforcement actions. The FMCSA also provides training […]

Fleet Management Software Solutions

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In today’s competitive trucking industry, fleet managers must ensure that every asset in their fleet is well maintained, monitored, and reported on. Proper fleet management streamlines the entire fleet process, from scheduling maintenance to reporting and tracking vehicle data. So with tools that address intangibles like risk management, maintenance planning, and asset monitoring, the right […]

5 Efficiency Boosters for Freight Operations

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Today, freight operations are being modernized faster than most companies are able to keep up with. Truck fleet management software is crucial for companies steering their company into the future. With the ability for fleet supervisors to more accurately dispatch on-time delivery at minimal costs, schedule maintenance downtime, and optimize driver behavior at a lesser […]

3 Ways to Improve Fleet Safety and Efficiency

With the trucking industry becoming more tightly regulated, it would seem like trucking accidents would be on a downtrend. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The trucking industry as a whole has seen an increase of fatal accidents over the past decade. Here are some useful technologies that can be integrated with any fleet to […]