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Our goal is to help motor carriers around the country gain access to effective safety management training systems that equip them with the knowledge needed to meet DOT regulations. With our training, you can reduce DOT infractions and accidents, reduce operational costs, and avoid unnecessary obstacles. Together, we work to make public roads safer and to make your business more profitable.

DOTReady Online Training

Twelve carefully crafted courses are available through DOT-Ready to give businesses the information and abilities they need to meet today’s business problems.

Intro to FMCSA

It gives you a comprehensive understanding of all the agencies, definitions, and basics that can help you formulate a quality safety program for your company successfully.

6 DOT Audit Factors

It gives you detailed insights into the 6 DOT Audit Factors that the FMCSA uses to ensure a company’s compliance. 

CDLs & Endorsements

It gives you a thorough understanding of how you can have a proper CDL or even a Non-Commercial Drivers License to ensure compliance, along with the ways you can avoid out-of-service violations.

Driver Qualification Files

It gives you all the details you need to know about Driver Qualification files, such as the ways to recruit, hire, onboard, manage, and fire drivers. Besides, how to efficiently manage their paperwork to avoid hefty fines.

Accidents & Incidents

It gives you insights about post-accident procedures along with the ways to train your drivers, scenarios of audits, and drug testing.

DOT Hours of Service Rules

Gives you all the details pertaining to Hours of service rules and regulations. Despite using ELD, timesheets, or AOBRD, the rules can be tricky and complex.

Understanding ELD’s

It gives you an overview of how the DOT will audit your systems regarding ELDs, what they look for, and what measures you need to ensure you don’t get in trouble for an ELD system mistake.

Oilfield Exemptions

It gives you an in-depth summary of exemptions you must get if you work in the Oil & Gas industry.

Short Haul Exemptions

It gives you an overview of short-haul exemptions that are related to your business operations, how to track time accurately to avoid potential fines and receive additional exemption details for a specific industry.

Vehicle Maintenance

It gives you an insight into what FMCSA looks for in your vehicle maintenance files in an audit, how to create a filing system, and what you would need to get started.

FMCSA Supervisor D&A Reasonable Suspicion Training

It gives supervisors in your firm a greater understanding of Reasonable Suspicion Training along with how to avoid major accidents or being charged with negligence. After taking this course, you will receive a certificate of completion that will provide proof of compliance that meets all requirements of 49 CFR 382.603.

DOT Compliance 101 – All Courses Bundle

DOT Compliance 101 is a beginner-friendly complete DOT compliance training program, including our fully compliant company filing system ($1,500 value) and 3 hours of monthly support/coaching for any of your DOT-related queries and concerns. 

Courses included in the bundle are: