FMCSA Activities & Acronyms

FMCSA Activities

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The FMCSA is involved in the following activities in an effort to improve highway safety for motor carriers and non commercial drivers.

  • Continuing education outreach efforts and stakeholder engagement;
  • Sharing best practices and developing training;
  • Managing grant programs and funding to support State partners;
  • Overseeing registration, operating authority, and customer service programs;
  • Managing data-driven analysis and research;
  • Researching innovative safety management practices and technologies;
  • Overseeing the emergency response program;
  • Strengthening safety regulations while reducing unnecessary regulatory costs and burdens;
  • Enforcing safety regulations;
  • Developing and managing information technology (IT); and
  • Conducting program evaluations.

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A&IAnalysis and Information
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
ADASAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems
ADSAutomated Driving System
CDLCommercial Driver’s License
CDLISCommercial Driver’s License Information System
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CLPCommercial Learner’s Permit
CMVCommercial Motor Vehicle
CRCompliance Review
CSACompliance, Safety, Accountability
CSPCooperative Safety Plan
CVSACommercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DVIRDriver Vehicle Inspection Report
ELDElectronic Logging Device
ELDTEntry-Level Driver Training
ETAEducational and Technical Assistance
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
FMCSAFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMCSRFederal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
FMPFatigue Management Program
FTAFederal Transit Administration
GCWRGross Combination Weight Rating
GPRAGovernment Performance and Results Act of 1993
GPRAMAGovernment Performance and Results Act Modernization Act of 2010
GVWRGross Vehicle Weight Rating
Hazmat (HM)Hazardous Materials
HHGHousehold Goods
HMRHazardous Materials Regulations
HMSPHazardous Materials Safety Permit
HOSHours of Service
IEPIntermodal Equipment Provider
ITInformation Technology
LCVLonger Combination Vehicle
LTCCFSLarge Truck Crash Causal Factors Study
MCPMotor Carriers of Passengers
MCSACMotor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee
MCSAPMotor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
MECMedical Examiner’s Certificate
MRBMedical Review Board
MVRMotor Vehicle Record
NAFMPNorth American Fatigue Management Program
NEWSNew Entrant Web System
NIOSHNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NOCNotice of Claim
NOVNotice of Violation
NTSBNational Transportation Safety Board
OIGOffice of Inspector General
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
OOSOOut-of-Service Order
OTRBOver-the-Road Bus
PASAPre-Authorization Safety Audit
PHSMAPipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
PMCPsPrivate Motor Carriers of Passengers
PSPPre-Employment Screening Program
PUPower Units
RODSRecords of Duty Status
SAPSubstance Abuse Professional
SMSSafety Measurement System
URSUnified Registration System
URSUnified Registration System
URSAUtility for Risk-Based Screening and Assessment
USDOT / DOTU.S. Department of Transportation
VMTVehicle Miles Travelled

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