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Today, freight operations are being modernized faster than most companies are able to keep up with. Truck fleet management software is crucial for companies steering their company into the future. With the ability for fleet supervisors to more accurately dispatch on-time delivery at minimal costs, schedule maintenance downtime, and optimize driver behavior at a lesser ecological impact (ie: better fuel efficiency), there has never been a better time to explore the options available out there. Here are a few options to get the ball rolling.

DOT-Ready Services
Services That Improve Your Freight Operations

Technology for fleet management is just one of the options for making an impact on your business. Service providers like DOTReady offer several advantages for companies. Namely, it aids businesses in staying on top of their freight operations by working as a hybrid digital/service conduit for maintaining critical operational processes that have a major impact in the office and on the road. DOTReady is here to reduce the cost and risk for trucking companies of all sizes.

Here are some of the management services trucking companies might consider:

Fleet & Asset Management Software

Fleet management software like DOTReady helps keep track of long and tedious operational processes where a lot of things can get harry. Driver processing, onboarding, and license validity, to name a few. Asset management services like maintenance schedules, work order management, inspection records, insurance expirations, permits, documentation, and registrations. Additionally, fleet management software can help by ensuring supervisors in the company have access to essential documents and information to keep operations running smoothly.

Online Fleet Management Training

The best fleet managers know that the key to a great team is great training. At DOTReady, we’ve designed training packages that companies can access and share with their entire team. The best thing about online training is students can learn in the places that are most convenient for them. At the gym, on the road, or in the office with the rest of the team. Learn more about our DOT training by clicking here.

Fuel Card Partnerships

Fuel cards provide several benefits that companies can benefit from. Ranging from accountability and transparency around driving habits, to easy-to-understand dashboards with invaluable data, expense reports, and best of all fuel discounts. Fuel cards can be implemented with minimal resistance by choosing the right provider. With several perks in addition to lower fuel costs, there are a few reasons for a fleet not to use a fuel card provider.

Load Board Partnerships

Load board features make it easy for companies and owner-operators to search for available loads based on specific criteria. As well as for companies to post their available loads and find drivers with the ability to transport them. Most companies will partner with several load boards in order to keep continuity in operational efficiency.

Compliance Consultants

Fleet management consultants are able to make drastic improvements for companies because of their unique perspective on risk ratios and common problems. Moreover, motor carriers will sometimes hire a consulting firm (like DOTReady) to inspect, build, and help maintain critical compliance procedures that reduce costs and risks of an accident.

Optimize Your Freight Operations with DOTReady

With DOTReady we’ll help improve the safety of drivers and vehicles across your entire fleet.

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