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When was the last time your company did a full audit of your safety and compliance systems? If the answer is any longer than a quarter ago, then you will want to read this – Tips on how to choose the right FMCSA Service Provider.

The speed at which regulations are changing makes it a challenge for even the best to keep up. That’s why it’s important to know the options when it comes to hiring compliance consultants and service providers.

When to Consider Hiring a Compliance Consultant

Many companies will routinely bring in a consultant to review their files and systems for common errors and redundancies. These reviews are recommended at least annually to avoid common issues and are very helpful whenever a staffing change occurs.

If you have a feeling that your company might be investigated, it’s a good idea to go through all of your records to make sure your systems have been properly managed and contain all of the required documentation to breeze through an audit.

A service provider can be extremely helpful once you’ve reviewed your situation. Since most of them deal with motor carriers all over the country, the time it takes to resolve issues is typically considerably less.

Different Types of Service Providers

There are a few different options when it comes to selecting a service provider to help with your company’s file-keeping systems and investigation processes.

Consultants usually help identify problems with your existing processes as well as offer guidance for creating better programs that support stability into the future.

They can also be helpful when it comes to managing systems that change with regulatory updates.

For most companies, consultants are typically engaged when a problem is known to exist and the value of solving the problem is worth more than the cost of hiring the consultant or bringing on a full-time compliance manager.

DOT Compliance Management Agencies

Sometimes it makes more sense for a company to outsource processes that drive business forward.

For example, companies that hire a lot of drivers can outsource the application processing phase to a 3rd party to expedite and improve the success of hiring programs.

Working with these agencies usually includes an onboarding process which can range from a few hours to a few days. Typically, you can expect better operational efficiency and more time to spend on higher-value processes after completing the onboarding steps.

The Process of Working with Compliance Consultants

The process to get started usually involves the service provider collecting information about your existing processes and workflows to see where a good starting point might be.

In addition to determining which regulatory systems are required in your unique situation, the service provider should ask questions about common errors and bottlenecks that are preventing your company from achieving the level of success desired.

Once a picture of your company’s needs is made clear, mapping out the next steps can begin.

Why consider working with an FMCSA service provider

Nearly every process for trucking companies is regulated at some level. Ensuring that you meet all of the minimum requirements, as well as eliminating redundant processes that are sucking valuable time out of your team’s capacity are both good reasons to consider hiring a service provider.

The main benefits are usually centered around improving operational efficiency, reducing expenditures, eliminating compliance liabilities, structuring information systems, optimizing driver application experience, coordinating with 3rd party testing providers, reducing violations, training your staff on the best practices, offering support for questions and concerns, and getting ahead of common problems.

For most companies, hiring an FMCSA service provider enables them to avoid tedious in-house work that’s typically only reliable with highly experienced and knowledgeable admin staff.

DOTReady greatly impacts operational efficiency as a standalone and we’re a complementary addition for just about any business in the transportation industry.

Cost of Hiring a Service Provider

The cost of working with a service provider varies depending on your specific situation.

Services like mock audits and company file clean-ups are usually billed individually. Whereas ongoing services like driver processing and full file management are usually billed on a monthly basis.

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