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The possibilities of today’s modern data processing technology are nearly endless—until it isn’t. Currently, technology is being used to track vehicle health, driver behaviors, collisions, routing, dwell time, fuel costs, temperature sensors, asset locations, and so on.

When back-office and in-cab technologies are unable to communicate with one another, fleets experience a pain point that makes automating and analyzing data a very difficult task. Many telematics and TMS providers today recognize that fragmented data points can cause issues and frustrate fleet supervisors. The good news is that DOTReady recognizes the need and is working to make fluid features available for every trucking business department.

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Many fleet managers have voiced concerns over the fact that there are seemingly endless options and barriers to switching to new providers, which makes the decision of choosing a fleet management platform daunting.

Making these platforms available and worthwhile is the focal point of DOTReady. We strive to make the onboarding process simple and affordable. Many other technology providers aim to create platforms dubbed to be “sticky” that act as a sort of trap where customers have to jump through hoops and pay for cancellation.

DOT & FMCSA Compliance Platforms for Driver Hiring

One hefty task that all trucking companies face is adhering to DOT & FMCSA regulations. Everything from back office management to on-the-road systems needs to be followed perfectly, to the proper measures being taken at every step of every existing process. Even one mistake can mean the evaporation of a company’s value, and in worst cases, injuries and fatalities on the road almost always open the door to litigation that can result in bankruptcy, prison time, and headaches with legal processes.

At DOTReady, we aim to make the entire process of DOT Compliance manageable with simple and easy to use software. Handling every step of core business compliance processes.


DOT & FMCSA Compliance Platforms for Vehicle Assets & Maintenance Records

When it comes to non-human capital (as the UN likes to put it), there are various processes that must be precisely followed in order to avoid unnecessary interference from the DOT/FMCSA.

With DOTReady, companies are able to keep all of their asset forms, permits, and inspection reports online so anyone with an account can access them anytime. In addition to access, companies are notified if a vehicle falls outside of the boundaries for compliance and can contact DOTReady staff with any questions or concerns they might have.

How to Keep Up With DOT/FMCSA Regulation Requirements

Safety and efficiency are strongly intertwined in today’s trucking operations. Mostly because the law makes it so. Part of the job entails keeping drivers informed about their destinations and providing accurate pickup and delivery information. This type of information could help drivers avoid unnecessary expenses from time wasted and fuel used.

Another element of the formula is making sure that Safety Supervisors responsible for managing commercial drivers have the insight into driver performance and behavior to make decisions around their involvement with the company. This is currently done by painting a picture of driver history, incorporating live metrics around driving behavior, and ensuring that drivers are not impaired by health concerns and/or substance use on the job.

Process Improvement with DOtReady
DOT-Ready Services

Making the value of outsourcing to DOT Compliance Consulting firms like DOTReady that much more evident. Much like an accounting firm, DOTReady helps to ensure every driver is qualified, screened, and taken through the proper steps of hiring. In addition to allowing companies to maintain final control with a bird’s eye view of their company’s compliance status.