Importance of the Trucking Industry in Today’s Fast-paced World

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The advancement of the modern world has significantly and surprisingly changed how many companies conduct business, and the trucking industry is no exception. It is quite noticeable that the overall trucking industry and the variety of new people entering the market have seen a big shift in the past few years, which has caused major shifts in the industry, particularly in the United States. The fast-paced changes in the world have impacted the overall production and development in this field.

Regardless, these changes have also brought a one-of-a-kind opportunity for companies that are willing to adopt new technologies for reducing costs and errors while increasing supply chain productivity to all facets of the trucking industry. With that said, it is vital to note that a sudden trucking industry loss would cripple the economy and should not be overlooked as a possibility.

1. Delivery of healthcare equipment and medical supplies.

A trucking sector shutdown would impact hospital patients’ and healthcare workers’ lives. If a situation like this occurs, the U.S. Health and Human Services have a backup plan, but truckers are still needed to deliver supplies.

It is assumed that most hospitals have a sizable stock of medical supplies on hand. But if the trucks were to stop delivering new supplies, that reserves would likely dry up fast. With that being said, the transportation industry and the medical sector should be working closely together to ensure there are minimal delays in the event of another natural disaster or other supply chain blockages.

2. Food & product transportation for businesses of all sizes.

Those who work in the food industry know how crucial trucking is to their operations’ success. A large percentage of the food supplies used in the US are delivered by trucks. The trucking industry is tasked with assisting vendors and suppliers in getting their good on store shelves of supermarkets and retail establishments. Thus, the trucking industry is a lynchpin for the operation of food supply chains.

3. 9.1% of employed Americans work in transportation

More than 3.5 million truck drivers work in the U.S. trucking industry generating over $217.3bn a year. Thanks to this important economic system, many people can turn to it for employment. Indeed, all truckers, owner-operators, small and large trucking businesses, and independent contractors contribute to the prosperity and vitality of the economic machine.

4. Delivering fuel that is vital for everyday transportation

369 million gallons of fuel are consumed per day in the United States.

With all the changes happening in today’s world, we can’t neglect the fact that the trucking industry is plagued with many problems. Nevertheless, the trucking industry and its dedicated workers have securely and effectively transported food, fuel, medication, clothing, and 80.4% of everything else that requires shipping every day, year after year. Overall, the trucking industry’s dedication and service to the population are vital in maintaining the comforts that many Americans take for granted.

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