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As per the FMCSA Website:

Mobile carriers are shutting down their 3G networks to make room for more advanced network services, including 5G. 

As a result, many older cell phones and other mobile devices will be unable to use data services.

Once a 3G network is no longer supported, it is highly unlikely that any ELDs that rely on that network will be able to meet the minimum requirements established by the ELD Technical Specifications, including recording all required data elements and transferring ELD output files.

Simply put, this means that ELDs that rely on a 3G connection to monitor and send data will likely need to be replaced or upgraded to communicate with 4G or 5G cell towers. 

If your ELDs run on any of these networks, you will likely need to make plans to upgrade them by the dates listed:

If your ELDs do in fact run off of one of these networks, it’s strongly advised to contact your provider about their upgrade or replacement plan. 

The FMCSA provides a line of communication for questions/concerns regarding ELDs. You can email them at:

What to do?

First, confirm whether your ELD relies on a 3G network

If you are unsure if your ELD relies on a 3G network, contact your ELD provider. If your ELD does not rely on 3G and meets all minimum requirements, no further action is needed.

Ask your provider for their upgrade or replacement plan.

If your ELD relies on a 3G network, ask your ELD provider about their plan for upgrading or replacing your device to one that will be supported after the 3G sunset, and complete the necessary actions as soon as possible.

The earliest announced sunset completion date is February 22, 2022. See all announced dates listed above and plan accordingly to avoid service disruptions and compliance issues. FMCSA strongly encourages motor carriers to take the above actions as soon as possible to avoid compliance issues, as portions of carrier 3G networks will be unsupported in advance of the announced sunset dates.

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