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Include a phone number on the applications

One of the best ways to help drivers get through the long process of filling out employment documents is by providing a support line that drivers can call if/when they run into problems. Rather than taking an application with errors and going back and forth, getting the application filled out properly the first time will speed things up and make a strong connection with the driver which builds trust.

Automated Intake and Review

Applications that contain errors or omissions are very common, especially for companies that operate in areas with fewer English-speaking candidates. Automated systems like DOTReady can identify problems as the applicant goes through the forms and provides suggestions when an answer doesn’t fit into one of the preselected categories, for example. Eliminating the back-and-forth and costly violations should the files ever be pulled for review by the DOT.

Mobile Friendly Applications

If a driver doesn’t have access to a desktop computer, filling out applications can be extremely tedious and frustrating. One simple step is to ensure that the applications have been designed to work on mobile phones and have been tested on different devices. DOTReady makes this easy with our job site-specific application links and support team.

Clear Job Requirements

Making sure the job requirements are clear on the job listing is essential for filtering the quality of applications you get. For example, be sure to include things like work hours, experience requirements, endorsement requirements, and health requirements if the freight is moved by the driver (such as LTL drivers that use pallet jacks).

Have a quick follow-up process

A lot of applicants will lose interest in your job listing if the follow-up process is delayed or their experience interfacing with the company is negative. Ensuring that applicants are taken care of and have support available if they run into problems will show that you value their time. Keep in mind that the application process is a challenge in itself.

Highlight Training and Advancement Opportunities

Having incentives lined up before the applicant begins filling out forms is a great way to make sure they make it to the end. Sharing information about what they can expect after getting the job can motivate them to keep going.

Include Detailed Instructions

Getting stuck on one section is an all too common occurrence that leads to a driver abandoning their application. For example, unclear directions about employment history can lead to partially filled-out applications that then require going back and forth with them to fill in the blanks. By including directions, you can avoid having to go back and forth to gather the required information.

Include Progress Bars

Filling out a 10-page application can take a long time. Having a progress bar that shows where the applicant is at in the process is a small thing for easing the nerves of frustrated drivers and getting more completed submissions.

Encourage Feedback

Including a feedback section at the end of applications can be a great way to gather feedback about issues in the process as well as sections that might not be clear enough. Driver feedback is a great way to identify areas for improvement and make changes accordingly.

Conduct Regular Audits

Annual file system and application reviews come highly recommended by DOTReady. Whether it be bringing in an outside service provider (which is more affordable than you might think), or having your team do scheduled reviews and reporting on files reviewed with the corresponding errors found in them. Not only are these great team-building exercises, but also allow for safety & compliance managers to identify problem areas.

In Conclusion
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