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Did you know that your company is probably overspending to stay DOT compliant?

If you own or work for a trucking company, you know that compliance is a large responsibility. The list of things that need to be stored and monitored on a regular basis is pretty intense. To name a few, motor carriers are required to keep and maintain:

And more…

If you’re like most companies, you’re probably keeping your paperwork in filing cabinets separated with endless dividers and sticky notes. But as your company grows, you will want to integrate an automated system for keeping all of the necessary materials accessible.

DOTReady can keep your company’s files complete and up to date.

DOTReady’s driver hiring process makes driver hiring efficient and streamlined. From driver recruiting to digital applications, our app is a great fit for any company with commercial vehicles.

Our intuitive driver management tools have the onboarding process and flow organized for you in a systematic way that allows you to go from a process that used to take weeks, to a simple process that can qualify drivers within 48 hours.

On average, our clients save 80 hours per week in labor costs and thousands of dollars in audit fines.

With DOTReady, companies can keep track of their entire fleet of vehicles and drivers in an easy-to-manage app for a low monthly subscription cost. Here are just 5 reasons companies are switching to DOTReady’s software.

  1. DOTReady streamlines the hiring process for all employees. Keep track of things like employment history, background testing, MVRs, and other policy-specific documents.
  2. Having more than one location is a bookkeeping nightmare. With DOT-Ready, your entire company can have access to your DOT compliant files in one place. 
  3. DOTReady includes the DOT D&A Consortium with access to over 3,000 testing locations across the country. We’ll assist in implementing drug and alcohol testing to help keep you compliant with FMCSA D&A Testing rules and regulations.
  4. Recruiting drivers on paper takes forever. Luckily, DOTReady has a 100% online recruiting process for compliant driver hiring & processes. 
  5. Receive email alerts for things like new applicants, expiring documents, and driver status changes. 

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Hear what our clients have said about DOTReady:

“DOTReady does not disappoint. The team was extremely friendly, and approachable, but most importantly, knowledgeable on all aspects of the DOT. Anyone looking for training should contact them!” – Devon S.
“The DOTReady team is amazing! If you have any questions about DOT Compliance or you need someone to come in and clean up your company before the DOT gets there these are the people you need to talk to!” – Zach M.

“My family and I started a company and got our own authority recently. Without the help of DOTReady, we would not be where we are today. Their advice has been sound and obviously backed by experience. DOTReady is out to help companies; they have heart as well as excellence in what they do. We gladly recommend them.” -John H.

“DOTReady is an amazing software with amazing people behind it. I can keep track of company-wide compliance within just a few clicks and can sleep better at night knowing my organization is 100% compliant.” -Aaron E.

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