How DOT-Ready Brings Peace of Mind to Fleet Supervisors

FMCSA Audit Consultants

Whether your company is a newly established motor carrier or one that has been on the road for decades; compliance reviews, roadside inspections, and safety audits can be huge factors for your company’s profitability.

To keep up with all of the requirements, it’s never a bad idea to have systems and processes in place that streamline compliant process completion and give employees peace of mind (so they can sleep at night). Your company can count on DOT-Ready to take care of the burdensome tasks that drain valuable administrative capacity from trucking companies all over the country.

Services DOT-Ready Offers:

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FMCSA Compliant Company Policy Creation & Management

Getting all of the required company policies in place and working properly is no small task. DOT-Ready can help your company set up new policies or help update outdated policies with fresh ones that will improve efficiency, lessen the risk in the event of an incident, and make your company more agile when it comes to making decisions that change the trajectory of your business.

Driver Recruiting, Hiring, and Management

The average application submission rate is only 1/9 for each job post a company posts. DOT-Ready improves this by using a proprietary system for attracting, qualifying, and hiring drivers.

We aim to speed up the hiring process by making everything from start to finish as easy as possible while adhering to FMCSA regulations.

Asset Maintenance Record Management

It’s one thing to have a filing cabinet with all of the work orders and maintenance records for your fleet. But when your company integrates with DOT-Ready to catalog fleet maintenance records, the benefits from being able to set alerts, filter by unit or location, and neatly organize everything on a computer can be a huge weight off of your shoulders. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing your fleet maintenance is being taken seriously.

Pre-FMCSA Audit Preparation

A company usually only has a couple of weeks to prepare for an FMCSA Audit once notified. DOT-Ready will fly to any of your locations to review and prepare your organization for the best possible outcome.

Post-FMCSA Audit Restoration

If your company receives an unsatisfactory or conditional rating after an audit, DOT-Ready can assist in the clean-up by filing the proper appeals and making necessary changes to restore the company to a satisfactory rating.

Operate a Safe, Compliant, and Profitable Fleet

“The DOTReady team is amazing! If you have any questions about DOT Compliance or you need someone to come in and clean up your company before the DOT gets there these are the people you need to talk to!” – Zach M.

“DOTReady is an amazing software with amazing people behind it. I can keep track of company-wide compliance within just a few clicks and can sleep better at night knowing my organization is 100% compliant.” -Aaron E.

“My family and I started a company and got our own authority recently. Without the help of DOTReady, we would not be where we are today. Their advice has been sound and obviously backed by experience. DOTReady is out to help companies; they have heart as well as excellence in what they do. We gladly recommend them.” – John H.

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